Super Manicure

All manicures include cuticle work and filing. Followed by a premium sugar scrub and butter lotion massage. Your choice of regular nail Polish finishes each manicure

GEL Manicure

All the benefits of our SUPER MANICURE except a gel polish, instead of regular polish. This lasts 2-3 weeks!


The newest, long lasting color on the market. We offer numerous of our colors in this powder.


This is for that person that LOVED their dip color and only wants to fill in the new growth with same color. No soak off required.

Extensions for DIP Manicure

Add length to your natural nail for dip manicure

French Manicure

Add the classic French in regular polish, gel, or acrylic.

Soak Off Acrylic or GEL

Unfortunately we have to charge for this time consuming process. Soak off gel or acrylics to prep for your customized manicure

Treat Yourself!

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